Ambassador Application

Jolly&Quiet's Ambassadors Program is designed to help our #jollygirls social profiles grow and thrive. The platform has connected 100's of gals, creating long-standing social friendships where we can grow alongside one another. Teaming up with experienced social media influencers, we'll bring you valuable insights into what works, and how you can boost your own engagement, likes/followers, and potentially monetising your social platforms.


Ambassadors will receive exclusive access to our Social Media Tips Blog where we reveal practical, inside-industry secrets and tips to crack the Instagram algorithm and see your account soar!

Jolly&Quiet Open Positions


With limited spots for 2019, we are selective with who we bring onto the team - If you think you've got what it takes to be a #jollyambassador, we want to hear from you! This is one of our favorite videos of @jess.the_only_mess! Follow her on Instagram!



And lastly join one of the most positive growing communities around the world. Join the Jolly&Quiet team today and fill out this application A$AP. Expect to hear back in 1-2 days.